Urban Engines: Public Transit

Urban Engines: Public Transit 2.5

Great transit map for tourists

This program can no longer be downloadedUrban Engines: Public Transit provides two necessary things for travelers: maps and transit directions. If you're a tourist, Urban Engines works well but there are better options for specific cities for locals.

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  • Provides detailed transit directions
  • Set Home and Work locations
  • Download entire city maps offline


  • Can't filter by public transit
  • X-ray mode feels tacked on
  • Limited number of supported cities


This program can no longer be downloadedUrban Engines: Public Transit provides two necessary things for travelers: maps and transit directions. If you're a tourist, Urban Engines works well but there are better options for specific cities for locals.

Overload of public transit information

Urban Engines: Public Transit is designed to give you information about public transportation but is currently limited to select cities and a small number of transit agencies. In San Francisco, it contains all major public transit authorities. If you're looking for a stop nearby, you can use Urban Engines' overview map. You can move the map around to browse and pinch and zoom to get a better view of where stops are.

Since Urban Engines focuses on transit, its maps highlight streets and stops and show a simplified topography. By default, Urban Engines uses your current GPS location. From there you can enter your desired location and the app will give you the best route. Urban Engines also gives you different route options with statistics about the reliability of that transit system.

There are two views for transit routes: a map view and comparison chart. Both give the same information, but with different visual layouts. After you choose your route, navigation will begin.

Urban Engines also includes an X-ray mode, which like Yelp, uses your phone camera to overlay a map on what your camera sees. It's not really helpful for finding directions, but if you're looking for a hidden street, it works decently well.

If you're visiting one of the supported cities, you can download a map of the entire city for offline use. Offline maps let you view, search and get transit directions without needing a data connection.

You can also enter your "Home" and "Work" addresses so you can get directions quickly. The app gives the total arrival time, but only works point to point and always thinks you're walking.

Urban Engines: Public Transit is a decent transit app, but its current lack of supported cities makes it limited.

Too much information

While Urban Engines: Public Transit works fine as a guide, it is overly complicated.

Directions work well enough, but it tries to combine the best of Google Maps and a city-specific transit planner, making it a little bloated. There's also no way to filter by transit agencies.

The route options are the standard "depart by" and "arrive by" with a "max transfer" option, but you can't exclude certain forms of public transit. You can only choose from the list of route options.

In comparison to Google Maps, Urban Engines: Public Transit is a great option for travelers with its offline maps options, but there are better choices for transit directions for specific cities. Embark iBART is an example of an app specifically designed to give you information on San Francisco's BART subway system.

Needs simplication and polish

Urban Engines: Public Transit created a great core utility. Supplying directions for public transit is very helpful for tourists, but anyone who lives in a particular city won't find the app that useful.

Urban Engines needs to simplify the app with a better user flow. When Urban Engines is able to include more cities and transit options, it could be one of the best travel apps but right now, there is room for improvement.

*** For Public Transit Commuters in Boston, Chicago, LA, New York, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver, Washington DC, Singapore *** The Urban Engines transit app gives you the fastest public transit route from point A to B whether online or offline, evaluating traffic, area events, and how transit routes have fared historically. It is designed to be fast, always accessible (online and offline maps, search, and routing) and personalized, providing one-touch access and navigation to your favorite locations. The app provides trip planning, real-time departure data for transit, events along your route, on-time performance of transit options and X-ray mode—a transparent map overlay of streets, transit stops, and transit routes on your camera view. Key features - Deck of maps for dynamic, one-touch directions. Quick, one-touch access and instant routing to your favorite destinations through a simple, deck of maps UI. Save your favorite locations and have live transit directions to these locations available at your fingertips at all times. - Offline maps. Download entire cities for complete offline access. You can view the map, search for locations and get transit directions entirely offline. - X-ray mode. Orient yourself quickly with “X-ray mode”—a transparent map overlay of streets, transit stops, and directions on your camera view. - Personalized, actionable trip planning info. We use actionable data from several sources - events, historical, real-time data for each route at any given time -- presented simply so you can choose the best route quickly and be on your way. - Transit Options nearby. See all the transit options available nearby including nearby transit stops, transit schedules and real-time departure data. Supported cities and transit agencies Boston: MBTA, MetroWest RTA, BAT, Lowell RTA, CATA Chicago: CTA, Pace, Metra Los Angeles: LA Metro, Metrolink, LADOT New York: MTA Bus, MTA Subway, LIRR, Metro North, Path, NJ Transit, NICE Portland: TriMet San Francisco: MUNI, BART, Caltrain, AC Transit, County Connection, Golden Gate Transit, SamTrans, VTA Seattle: King County Metro Transit, Sound Transit Toronto: TTC, YRT, GO Transit, Brampton Transit, MiWay Vancouver: Translink Washington DC: WMATA, RideOn, VRE, ART, DC Circulator, Fairfax Connector, DASH Singapore: SMRT, SBST, INSINC program
Urban Engines: Public Transit


Urban Engines: Public Transit 2.5

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